Tents That Look Like Houses

features of tents that look like houses

Even though there are different house-like tents, many have similar features. These unique features make tent living much more comfortable and homey.

Multiple room dividers

Some of these tents have multiple room dividers perfect for families needing a little privacy. Room dividers allow campers to have a little space to themselves.

Lots of windows

Most people that have house-like tents are staying in them for extended times. They also may be spending several hours a day inside the tent.

Great headroom

Most people don’t walk around their home bent over at the waist. You also won’t be walking bent over if you have a house-like tent.

Durable material for extended use

Tents that look like houses are made of more durable material than your standard weekend tent.

Stove jack

Large canvas tents may come with a stove jack. This is helpful, so you don’t have to cut your own hole for the stove pipe.

Screened front porch area

There is something about seeing a house with a cozy screened porch in the front. Many house-like tents will come with a screened-in porch. This is a perfect place to take off your shoes and relax in a comfy camp chair.

Cabin shape

The shape of a cabin tent resembles the shape of a typical house. The walls are tall, and the roof is peaked. As a result, there is plenty of headroom in most cabin tents.

Resemble an actual log cabin

There are house-like tents that actually look like a log cabin. The outside material has painted logs and rocks to resemble a rustic log cabin.

How do you make a tent look like a house?

You can do several cosmetic things to your tent to make it feel and look more like a regular house. If you are not into the rustic part of camping, some touches of a home may help.

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