Beach Camping Checklist (How To Prepare for Beach Camping)


A pop-up tent with a rainfly is going to be your best option. You want a tent that has plenty of ventilation for airflow.


Be sure to include a tarp or two with your beach camping gear. A big tarp can help keep sand out of the tent.

Floor Mat or rug

Place a small non-slip floor mat just on the inside of the tent. Give your feet one last wipe on the rug before crawling into bed.

Sand pegs and sand bags

Sand pegs or stakes anchor into the sand like a screw. We recommend making homemade sandbags with nylon or large ziplock bags and sand.

UV-rated and quick drying clothing

You will be spending a lot of time in the sun while beach camping, so protect your skin with UV-rated shirts and shorts to help with possible sunburns.

Slides over flip-flops

Flip-flops are what you think of with beach footwear, but after a few days of sand between your toes, a pair of slides is a nice break.

Water shoes

Water shoes are convenient for beach exploring and rough rocky areas. Plus, water shoes or sandals with velcro straps add stability.

Camp towel and washcloth

Cotton towels and washcloths take forever to dry, and they trap in the sand. So your cotton washcloth will feel like 80 grit sandpaper, no thanks.

Biodegradable pump soap, not bar soap

Stay clean my friends. When you are camping at the beach, personal hygiene is still important.

Eye drops

Eye drops are helpful for those windy days at the beach that dries out your eyes.

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