Hi there, we are Steve and Kris, founders of Camp S’more Worry Less. We started this blog to help our fellow campers, whether you are just beginning or have been camping many times.

Camping can seem overwhelming, but with a bit of planning and some helpful tips, we hope to make it s’more enjoyable (pun intended) and less stressful.

Camping is your temporary home away from home, so it’s essential to have the right gear. We have been both tent campers and trailer campers for many years.

We have been camping in torrential rain, cold, snow, the desert, you name it.

We camp all over the place. The middle of the woods, next to giant lakes and rivers and big campgrounds with all the amenities. And yes, with kids and pets, which is really where the crazy comes in!

With the help of product reviews and personal experiences – some of them embarrassingly funny, we hope to help you find the right balance in your camping experience.

It’s pretty impossible to test out every camping product out there. Still, we do our best research, checking out genuine product reviews and forums.

We want to give the best possible representation of the product, with all the pros and cons.

All our content is either written by qualified and knowledgeable freelance writers or us.

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Steve and Kris